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What is Due Diligence

Due diligence investigation is a phrase which varies in meaning among different business organization and industries. From the perspective of a venture capitalist or a private equity investment manager. It is about assessing the business model, conducting market research and talking to the market. For an Accountant it may be analyzing the books & r {...}

Pre – Matrimonial Investigation

In the Current high tech age with Social Media crazy youth, when you choose a life partner it is very essential to know the details of Bride/ Groom before marriage thoroughly to avoid any future dispute. Therefore it is very important to engage a professional Private Detective Agency to find out the truth. We NDCC Tech Consultants have been in this fie {...}

Litigation Support in the Context of Private Investigation

Litigation support is a very important Subject for every human being because sometime or the other every human being needs the services of Attorneys for various different reasons. When nothing else works people go to the lawyers to get their disputes settled through Court.

When a pe {...}

Corporate Fraud

Corporate fraud can be any fraud committed against a business by a single individual or a group of people. Fraud impacting businesses can be both general fraud that target any business or to a sector specific. {...}

Corporate Espionage

Corporate Espionage is probably not what we think when we hear the word spy. It is also not what we see in Hollywood films. It is simply collection of information irrespective of the source. Corporate Espionage is th {...}

Corporate Investigation

Corporate Investigation is a very wide term, it is not one subject, the area of Corporate investigation is huge which includes both Internal and External I {...}

Post Matrimonial Disputes in its Current Indian Perspective & Why it is dangerous for the society

Marriage & Family are considered to be the two most important Institutions in Indian society & marriage is considered to be the most Sacred Institution for Indians, traditionally and from time immemorial. Marriage for most Indians is not merely sacrament but sacrosanct. Onc {...}

Online Infidelity – The new challenge to Marriage

Online Infidelity – The new challenge to Marriage
The Internet has brought about many changes in our modern society. Social sites have been very beneficial to society in many ways. We have heard social sites have been helpful in reuniting families, friends even lost animals for that matter sometime one can {...}