Litigation Support in the Context of Private Investigation

Litigation Support in the Context of Private Investigation

Litigation support is a very important Subject for every human being because sometime or the other every human being needs the services of Attorneys for various different reasons. When nothing else works people go to the lawyers to get their disputes settled through Court.

When a person, business or entity enters into Lawsuit , whether they file the Lawsuit or responding to it they enter into the process which is called “ Litigation” Lawsuits or actions are brought before the court to for the purpose of enforcing a particular right. The process of litigation is actually a series of steps taken to resolve the matter whether through negotiations towards settlement, or a court trial. In such cases Private Detectives play a very important role to find out the facts because many times litigant files false cases or sometime the Lawyers required to find the facts to file their reply or to file an application to inform the court about the ground reality or hard facts than what is mentioned in the Lawsuit. Hence Private Detectives are either asked to collect the facts from the field or collect evidence of the fact the lawyers already aware of but not able to produce due to lack of evidence.

Litigation often entails the management of a great deal of information. Litigation Support generally responsible for identifying, collecting processing and preserving paper and documents as well as audio recordings & visuals in the form of photographs and other evidences. These information should be kept in order to be presented at a moment’s notice at trial.

Therefore it is very important that every Private & Professional Detectives must have the knowledge of law of the land and also the kind of evidence acceptable in the court.

Sometime litigant are not sure whether evidence collected by Private Detectives are admissible or not. Here I would like to mention that, evidence collected by Private Investigators is completely legal , as long as it is collected in a lawful

Manner,that also means the photograph taken in a Public Place is completely legal. In one such case where NDCC was hired to collect evidence that a Lady is absolutely fit and agile and yet she had filed a false case and was demanding huge alimony from the client on the ground that she is unable to stand and walk.

NDCC was hired to collect evidence. NDCC had investigated and reported she is absolutely fine which had to be substantiated where that Lady was seen dancing on the floor on somebody’s wedding for an hour and a half and NDCC had made a complete Video Film of the same which was accepted by the court in USA Therefore Private Detective should also be creative or innovative while collecting evidence so that, if one method failed they should be able to find another way to collect the same.

NDCC has been very very successful in collecting such evidences and helping our clients to resolve their litigation successfully and that is the reason today NDCC is working for some of the Top Law Firms of India & Asia. NDCC has also appeared in the court not only in India but also in Overseas Court for the client for whom the evidence was collected on the basis of those litigation Support our clients have got huge relief.