Corporate Investigation

Corporate Investigation

Corporate Investigation is a very vast subject, it could be an illegal or unethical activities, misappropriation of funds or misuse of position etc. of an Individual or group of people or a company.

Corporate Fraud investigation is one of the most important area of Corporate Investigation. It is again very vast investigative subject, It could be an activities of an individual or by group of people with in the organization or outside or by the competitor of the organization.

To ascertain and gather information about illegal activities or misappropriation of funds of the employees holding key position or people involved in the alleged anti management activities or involved requires team of Lawyers, Chartered Accountants,Technology experts to get to the bottom of the issue. Such people also get involved in blackmailing their management or the employer. NDCC first understand the complete background and then Narrow down the suspect/ suspects and areas, zero in on to Kingpins and keeping close watch on their movements, activities and collect information through cultivated sources on their various activities, assets, financial position, keep them under surveillance to find out their life style daily activity to nail them down with credible evidence and bring the culprit to task.

Defaulting borrower also comes under Corporate Investigation it is also observed that individuals or group of individuals after taking huge loan from Banks or from some financial institutions for a stipulated period by depositing documents as collateral against their personal property or company assets which is overvalued against the real time market price, it is generally observed that after sometime borrower starts defaulting in repayment and then goes underground and not traceable by the loan sanctioning authority. We at NDCC has developed the skill to locate to identify such defaulters even without their photographs and has been very successful in tracing and locating the defaulter and their undeclared assets. After ascertaining the facts with credible information are handed over to legal authority.

Corporate Fraud also includes money laundering and NDCC with their Large Network & resources had been very successfully tailed the trails of funds and brought the facts before their client company.