Matrimonial Investigations

Matrimonial Investigations

Matrimonial dispute (Matrimonial Investigations) Matrdevelop due to suspicious activities of life partners. Some marriages even breakdown due to suspicion. NDCC is well known for helping out in such situations.

Suspicion regarding spouse's extramarital affair, adultery or any other activities need to be probed very cautiously to safeguard the matrimonial alliance. Continuation of such activities are the cause of disharmony. Conflicts, fights arguments between the two partners often lead to depression. NDCC has helped their clients to obtain correct informations and provide assistance in litigation support. Many times councilling provided by NDCC has saved marriages from breaking.

Pre -Matrimonial Investigation Services :
Pre Matrimonial is a very big Social obligation because it is not only the decision of marriage depends but it is a lifelong matter pertains to two individuals and NDCC values that that is why we try our best to provide complete authentic absolutely unbiased report. NDCC has clients who have been availing such services for their family for the last fifteen years.

Family Background, Family reputation, Financial status, Character of the bride and Groom, Habits, Nature, Education, Medical History. There are customized requirement which are also well attended.

This service of ours is widely sought after by families across India and we gladly assist them in this. We carry out special services by helping in checking as well as verifying details and information given to us by you and by the other family in all cities of India. Our area of operations include cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and in other major cities including Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Pune, Indore, Nagpur, Jaipur and others.

We verify the following facts regarding the Boy / Girl:

We conduct all our investigative services with utmost care and maintain complete secrecy throughout. Investigations relating to Delhi and New Delhi region are usually completed within 7-10 days. Further, inquiries in other states /countries apart from Delhi and New Delhi for example: Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Chandigarh are usually completed within 12-15 days time. We also carry out such investigations in countries like US, Australia, Dubai, Canada and few more.

Post Matrimonial Detectives
A married couple sharing their daily office activities with each other is a good thing but in case the other partner takes it in a wrong way, then problems in the marriage might arise. This will lead to doubts on the other partner and could end in make false allegations against each other. Hence, the need for post matrimonial detective /investigator services becomes a requirement. We offer this service in metros like delhi, mumbai, chennai, kolkata and in other parts of the country and well as overseas, wherever client wants the investigation to be carried out.

Our personal detectives (post-matrimonial detectives) and investigators find the truth and provide a much clearer picture enabling you to take the right decision. We have a wide network of our agents every major country and city in the world. This means that once the case is given to us, we can guarantee to provide exceptional level of services, wherever and whatever the case might be. We employ many different methods including that of our discreet surveillance in order to obtain the invaluable evidence you need and once we do it successfully, we would require to co-ordinate with your legal representatives.