Background Check

Background Check

Background Check is a very vital subject in Private Investigation. Background Check could be for various different purposes. It could be for Employment, for Matrimonial, for a Business Partner also background check is important for appointing domestic staff like Driver, full time servant at home etc. etc. but for each of the type of background check mentioned have different requirement but very few people understand this. Most of the time people approach us and ask to carry out background check without going into the details of the background & sometime they do not like to reveal the purpose behind the exercise but they do not like to reveal the purpose behind that because they understand only the background check but not the difference between each type of Background Check.

Here we are going to explain how important it is, how each type of Background Check is different from other and the benefits out of it.

While Carrying out Back Ground Check it is more like a verification of what has already been submitted by the candidates in their resume where some of the areas are very important to check such as
Criminal Check i.e. whether he has any criminal background so that the management can decide whether to take or not to employ him.

Secondly to check the credibility of the person is also very important specially if the person is going to take over the charge finance of the company.

Third is the reason of leaving his previous job. Is it only for the better prospect or he/ she is sacked for all the wrong reasons and thinking that the current company may not know and then perhaps he/ she would repeat the same thing again.

Background check is also important because many times fake certificates are submitted or wrong qualifications are mentioned so when the background check is carried out these education check is also required.

If such checks are carried out it helps to select the right person at the right position.

Similarly while appointing Business Partner his financial position & Credibility check plays a very important for taking right decision Background Check for Matrimonial purpose is totally different where Character, Habits, Financial position are some of the important areas to be checked.

Background check while appointing the domestic staff is equally important because the maid servant who are usually inside the house for 24 hours where previous references should be collected some verification should be carried out otherwise several murders/ theft takes place and no action could be taken in the absence of any details of that domestic servants. Most of people do not give much importance to such checks but when some mishap takes place than people realize the mistakes.

Therefore background check is very important subject in Private Investigation and NDCC has a long experience of handling such background checks to help the clients to decide the right Candidate whether for Employment or for