Pre – Matrimonial Investigation

Pre – Matrimonial Investigation

In the Current high tech age with Social Media crazy youth, when you choose a life partner it is very essential to know the details of Bride/ Groom before marriage thoroughly to avoid any future dispute. Therefore it is very important to engage a professional Private Detective Agency to find out the truth. We NDCC Tech Consultants have been in this field for the last thirty years we have investigated not less than Twenty Five Thousand Pre Matrimonial Cases and have uncovered the truth saved lot of families. We take uttermost care to maintain the confidentiality as well as uncover the truth.

Now days when everyone has time constraint parents prefer to choose the life partner through several online Matrimonial Sites but unfortunately these online Matrimonial Sites never bother to verify the data submitted by their respective clients who get themselves registered. In one of the Pre Matrimonial Investigation NDCC came across a groom who was married & divorced which was not disclosed in their details. NDCC not only helped the family from getting into wrong alliance but also obtained the evidence from the court to prove their points and saved the family. Similarly in another experience NDCC Tech in their investigation found that Groom had given a wrong residential address because he wanted to marry a rich girl but actually he was residing in a place which could almost be called Slum and NDCC collected proof of the same and handed over a detailed report to the client who was very obliged because we saved their child and family too.

NDCC Tech being professional and for their commitments towards their profession are known all over the world and that is why Ms Taralika Lahiri who is heading this agency was chosen by BBC News to be interviewed on this Matrimonial Subject which was telecasted by them which attracted lot attention.
So beware when you choose a life partner for your children or for your self hire a professional agency, hire NDCC Tech Consultants